Sunday, 7 July 2013

Car-boot purchases

I went to a car-boot sale today  which a few years ago I would never  have dreamt of doing, but after seeing Lulutrixabelle boot sale hauls  on youtube (just watch them, they're ridiculously good) I decided to check some out some local ones. I was under the impression of it being a load of old dirty rubbish but it really wasn't, I've got to stop being such a snob.
 To be honest there are a lot of families there who are selling children's toys because their kids have grown up, and there are a few old people possibly downsizing their house selling old furniture ect. 

I actually came away with some things for my home which I didn't expect.

Glass Pill Container

I don't really know what this is, looks 1920s to me. I think maybe it was used to store pills?
I usually keep my supplements in glass jam jars but this is a lot prettier, and it was fifty pence .

Cut Glass Bottles 

These lovely glass bottles were also fifty pence each, couldn't believe it.
I think they're 1920s again, not sure what they're intended use is. The smaller squarer one I think is a whiskey decanter. They just look like over-sized  perfume bottles to me.
They're super pretty, I've been sterilizing them and I think I'm going to make a big sunny cocktail in them for a family bbq later.

I also bought some a few clothes but they've gone straight in the wash so I'll have to show those in another post. 

have a happy sunday everyone 




  1. I love reading blog posts and watching videos about car boot buys - so jealous of some of the things people find! The glass bottles you got are beautiful!

    Kathryn x

    1. I get jealous too because I'm never going to find what they have, but when you find something I guess it makes it extra special :) the other downside is that carboots usually start soooo early. I out the door at 8 AM ..on a Sunday!

      Thank you, glad you like them!

      charlotte x


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